Top Five Advantages of Telehealth for Physical Therapy

Telehealth saves time

Telehealth physical therapy sessionYou’re busy; we all are. Some days you don’t have time to get in your car or on the subway, travel to a medical office, and change from street clothes to workout clothes, investing up to an hour before you’ve even started treatment.

If you’re working from home, you may be wearing your exercise clothing already, and you can just connect with your physical therapist online to have treatment from your home. Telehealth lets you fit physical therapy into your schedule more easily.

Virtual visits reduce Covid-19 risk

While we take every precaution at our therapy center, taking public transportation to get here can put you in close contact with people you don’t know.

You’re more likely to build an exercise habit

Many repetitive-stress injuries and medical issues arise from lack of exercise to strengthen or stretch muscles. When you get in the habit of regularly doing a therapeutic exercise routine at home, you’ll be more likely to prevent recurrences of the problem after formal treatment ends.

Your physical therapist can evaluate your home setup

When your therapist can see how you have your workstation set up, it’s easier to recommend ergonomic adjustments that reduce the likelihood of repetitive motion injuries. If you have balance issues, your therapist can spot obstacles in your home that might increase the risk of a fall.

Telehealth improves accessibility

Some patients are unable to drive or travel on public transportation. Telehealth eliminates the need for a caregiver to bring them to appointments.