Static Progressive Splints


A MCP (metacarpal) flexion static progressive splint is most commonly used for a proximal phalanx fracture or a metacarpal head fracture. It can also be used for rare conditions, such as for a patient who had a tumor removed from the metacarpal bone.



This static progressive splint was fabricated for a patient who had ulnar collateral ligament repair. The patient had a very stiff metacarpal phalangeal joint, and this type of splint helps to improve stiff joints. The splint holds the joint at the end of its range of motion while providing a low-load tension. This elongates structures that have contracted, such as ligaments, a tight joint capsule, or tendons.


This patient had a metacarpal fracture dislocation of the pinky, with an extensor tendon injury. The static progressive splint is designed to increase range of motion.

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